Monday, May 11, 2009

Yes, we are alive!

So here we are alive and enjoying life! Here is a few pics of some of the things we have been
doing in our little family. And just to let you all know we are all moved in and have be having fun
being so close to Ryan's parents! We sure hope things keep going in the right direction for us! Thanks to everyone who has helped us out so much! We love all of our Family and friends so much!!!
Rylee trying to makeup on, oh soooo cute!

Our sweet Baby Ridge! (Almost 4 months)
Rylee and Crew on a really BIG back hoe.

Crew LOVES bats, I think he will love playing ball
like his Daddy!

Crew took a nice spill in the walker the other day.
Here he is after we got him out.
Poor little dude!

Our little Family in March.
Ridge's Blessing day.
Rylee in her dance costume.
It was her 1st year of dance and she
did awesome. We are so proud of her, she
is growing up way to fast!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The joy of Motherhood! Well I don't know about the rest of you mothers out there but I'm ready for summer to be here. Having sick kids is NO fun, ALL THREE of my kids are sick. It started Monday when I took Baby Ridge to Banner Desert to have him checked out, the poor thing has RSV. Because he is only 6 weeks old they admitted him oh fun, NOT! They had the little guy on breathing treatments all night. They let us go home the next day where we have to continue them. When I got home my Rylee and Crew were both running fevers and coughing and didn't look good. So needless to say we have a fun time around our house. I hope they all will get feeling better really fast!

Me at the Hospital with Ridge.

The little guy sleeping so good!

Poor Baby Ridge, I'm so sorry!

Crew crashed on his floor.

And Rylee so sick.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



Oh so cute, Rylee holding Ridge as they both were
sound asleep!

Ridge in deep thought!
Rylee on Valentines Day with her
teacher Mrs. Rebeccah.

Our sweet baby boy will be FIVE weeks
in TWO days.

Ridge is just such a sweet baby, I LOVE
him so much!

Crew our BIG BOY trying to find his sister
who was out side. I have to say he is the
best little boy ever.

Our little family went on a hike last
week, it was a blast!

He is awake and we can see his eyes!!!
(He just melts my heart!)

This is Crew after every feeding, a HUGE mess!
If you don't know Crew he LOVES food and
will eat anything and everything!

Crew is now in a twin bed, what a BIG boy!
He is going to be 15 months in a couple of
days. I can't believe how fast time flies by.
It is SO CRAZY !!!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Being a mom of three sure has it's ups and downs but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love my kids so much and feel so blessed to have them part of my life! I am grateful for a good husband who helps out a ton which has made life so much easier. I'm am so thankful for there heath and that Ridge is home and doing really good. He sure puts a smile on my face every time I look at him, he is a sweet baby! We have a big helper in our family and that big helper is Rylee. She loves to help with both Crew and Ridge. Last night she even picked up Ridge because he was crying she said. SCARE ME TO DEATH! I told her she could never pick up a baby with out a mommy being around to help her. I love her so much and do appreciate her helping me by getting me diapers and wipes, she is a huge help! Thanks Rylee for being a great big sister!!! We took Crew to the Dr. yesterday and the poor guy has double ear infections again, I feel so bad for him. He is a little happier today thanks for meds. they do wonders. Well life at the Mortensen's is great. Thanks for everyones love and support!

Crew at the Doctors.

Our cute Ridge boy!
A picture with his eyes open.

Rylee, our big helper!

Sweet baby boy!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I guess you can say we love the hospital, because we are back! We had to take Ridge to the Dr. yesterday for his check up and the Dr. thought he looked really JAUNDICE! We had to get his blood drawn to see what his levels were. When we left the hospital his level were 7.5 the next day they were 14.6 and last night when we got the hospital they were up to 17. So we get to watch our BUNDLE OF JOY cook under the lights! We hope we don't have to be here long so can enjoy him at home. We sure do LOVE this little boy!!!

Ridge get a sweet sun tan!
These are the lights doing the job!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We are finally home after living in the hospital for two weeks. I went in the hospital Jan. 6th because I was having strong contractions, not fun. Long story short they admitted me and put an Iv in and gave me magnesium sulfate to stop the labor and put me on bed rest. If you never been on mag. it is not fun at all and is HORRIBLE. Anyways they finally did they second Amino to check to see if his lungs were developed and they were. We are so blessed to bring a BEAUTIFUL BABY into this world. Ridge Tyler Mortensen was born Sat. Jan. 17th @ 11:02 am weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. He was born 4 weeks early and he got to come home with us healthy and strong. We love him so much and are so Thankful to our Heavenly Father for sending such a sweet spirit. I want to Thank my Family and Friends that helped us through this rough time, we couldn't have done it without you. I am so happy to be home and be with my kids, I have missed them so much. Life is great when you have been blessed with a Beautiful Family!

Grandma Merrill and RidgeAunt Brooke and Ridge
Ridge on his way home from the hospital.

He is loving his pacifier!

I am so glad it is over and he is here!

Uncle Michael loving his new nephew.

What a proud Daddy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Our Little Dancer Rylee had her Christmas Ballet Rehearsal today. She was so cute even though she and most of the girls wouldn't do all the dances. It was fun to see what they have been working on. I think she was a little nervous because she was biting on her fingernails, that's what she does when she is nervous. The real test is going to be in April...........when the Dance Recital is at Mountain View!!! It will be fun no matter how they do. We are so THANKFUL for her teachers MRS. Tamara & Ms. Nicole for putting up with all these girls and especially Rylee! I also want to thank Grandma Mortensen, Aunt Shirley & Aunt Brooke for coming and supporting Rylee today, We love all of you so much!!! RYLEE YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB TODAY!!!!!

Rylee and her cheesy smile.

It is so fun because they all watch each other when they dance.

Rylee was watching her teacher so they knew what
to do next, it was kinda funny.

All the little dancer's got to have some treats after
and Rylee always LOVES treats!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here we are alive and doing well! Alot has gone on this last weekend in the Mortensen Family. On Sunday Travis & Brooke Blessed Baby Carson. We took some family snapshots and everyone was there except Cody and Bradley they are serving their Missions. We sure miss them alot! Monday night on my side of the family we went to Tempe Marketplace they have fake snow for all the kids to enjoy. They sure had alot of fun playing and dancing on a big stage. After playing in the snow we ate at this place called Slices they have HUGE pizza slices and it was really good! Rylee had been bugging us all night to go and look at Christmas lights so we decided to go check some out. It really doesn't matter how crappy you feel like when you are prego like me, when you see all the lights and all the fun family time you get to spend together you can't help but to be HAPPY! We LOVE this time of year, spending time with Family & Friends! We hope all are doing well and have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!!!

Rylee had a fun time looking at Christmas lights last night for FHE.
(she loves santa!)

Rylee, Crew & Daddy!

At Tempe Marketplace they have snow every night at 7pm for the kids.
Rylee LOVED it!

Here is Crew wondering what is going on and Rylee enjoying
every minute of it!

Rylee was dancing on the stage having a blast!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Happy Birthday to our Rylee girl! She turned 3 yesterday and it was a fun day for her. I started the day by heart attacking our house so when she woke up she could see all the hearts in the yard..... she loved it and was so excited! We just hung out most of the day until I went to the Doctor and we found out we are having another BOY! When the appointment was over we rushed home so we could get ready to go to dinner. We had all of our family and some friends come and celebrate Rylee's Birthday at Texas Road House. We all had fun and Rylee of course got to ride the saddle, she was kind of scared but she did it! After dinner we all went to my house and had cake and ice cream and opened presents! She definitely got a ton of gifts, THANKS to all that helped to spoil her on this special day! We love our family and friends so much!!!
Rylee on the saddle at TRH (look at her face!)
Her Tinkerbell cake! Everyone singing to Rylee! She was so EXCITED to open her gifts!Her new bike and her friend Josh next to her.
Daddy helping her ride her bike.Rylee and Cheyenne, oh how cute!
Daddy helping read this special Birthday card. It was from Uncle "CoCo"!
We love Uncle Cody and Uncle Bradley, they are both serving missions.
Rylee was sad they couldn't be here for her B-day. we sure do miss them!