Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So last Friday Ryan and I went on a date night, we went to dinner and were suppose to go to the movies. Well we had a little time in between dinner and the movie so we thought we go look at bigger cars. Ryan and I never made it to the movies that night, we end up getting our new car. We knew we were going to be getting a new around Oct. or Nov. before the new baby would be here. Our car we just got back in March wasn't going to cut it with three kiddos in car seats. So we got a smokin deal on our new car. we end up with a '04 Yukon Denali fully loaded( leather seats) with 27,000 miles and in perfect condition. We could not be any happier with our new car.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We have been working with Rylee for the past three weeks trying to have her become a BIG GIRL and she did it! She is now in BIG GIRL underwear!!! We are so proud of her. I am so, so, so excited I thought she would be in pull-ups FOREVER. Ryan & I were so happy because we only have to buy diapers for one now but not for long. I told Ryan we should but keep buying diapers for the new baby since we are already used to it. (LOL) Anyways we told Rylee she could get anything she wanted if she became a BIG GIRL, kind of crazy I know. Well she wanted a bear from Build -A -Bear. I thought we could do that not knowing how much they cost, but we didn't care. We were just so proud of her and she LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! The Bear is her new BFF. She is getting so big right in front of our eyes, it is kind of weird but fun. GOOD JOB RYLEE!!!!
Rylee & her new bear.
Rylee wanted to give her a big fat kiss.
Rylee saying she loves her.

They are both so dang cute!!!

Arizona Mine & Mineral Museum!

So this last weekend my brother asked Ryan if we wanted to go to this Museum because they had a BIG tire & a BIG shovel dipper that they use where Ryan works. We thought it would be fun to see that, so we went. I can't believe how BIG they really are. Inside the Museum was filled with tons & tons of different rocks from different Mines. It sure is a small Museum but it was fun to see some pictures of the Mine where Ryan works. The best part was it only costs $2 to get in but it cost you about $10 to get over there because it is in Phx., Oh Well!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


So our little Rylee has been sick since Saturday so I finally decided we needed to take her into the Doctor. We took her in and she has NASTY STREP THROAT. I feel so bad for her all she does is sleep and fuss. I hate Strep it is not fun so I feel her pain. She will not eat ANYTHING at least she is drinking liquids. I hope she gets feeling better really soon. I love Rylee!!!
Our sick little Rylee girl.

Poor Rylee!


HAPPY 4TH OF July!!!!

We were able to take a small trip up to Heber to enjoy the cooler weather on Sat. We asked my brother Michael and his wife Brooke if they wanted to go and they did. We all wanted to save on gas so we all went in our car, it was so funny. It went like this, I drove Brooke sat in middle next to me then Ryan in passanger seat and Michael in the back w/ both car seats. We seriously must have looked so HILARIOUS. Needless to say we made it up there safely!!! When we got there we watched the parade with Ryan's parents and the Germaine's. While we were watching they had fire trucks soaking everyone. But Ryan's mom Tammy, was smart and brought a HUGE umbrella so we hide uder it except Brooke she got drenched. After that we went to the park where they had yummy food, games and lots of stuff to buy. We went back to Germaine's cabin and Ryan, Michael, Brooke and the kids went on a Rhino ride, they had a ton of fun!! When they got back our poor Rylee was throwing up and running a fever, I felt so bad for her. That is how she has been now for 3 days.. I think it is a mixture of the heat, to much candy and not enough liquid. Anyways that Sat. night we watched a wonderful Fireworks show that was AWESOME!! WE had a great time overall...
Uncle Michael, Aunt Brooke, Crew & Rylee

Grandma & Papa Mortensen w/ Rylee And Crew

They sure do love their Grandparents!!!