Thursday, February 19, 2009



Oh so cute, Rylee holding Ridge as they both were
sound asleep!

Ridge in deep thought!
Rylee on Valentines Day with her
teacher Mrs. Rebeccah.

Our sweet baby boy will be FIVE weeks
in TWO days.

Ridge is just such a sweet baby, I LOVE
him so much!

Crew our BIG BOY trying to find his sister
who was out side. I have to say he is the
best little boy ever.

Our little family went on a hike last
week, it was a blast!

He is awake and we can see his eyes!!!
(He just melts my heart!)

This is Crew after every feeding, a HUGE mess!
If you don't know Crew he LOVES food and
will eat anything and everything!

Crew is now in a twin bed, what a BIG boy!
He is going to be 15 months in a couple of
days. I can't believe how fast time flies by.
It is SO CRAZY !!!