Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School is finally here!

Well it been a long time since I've posted, alot has been going on in our family. I have been having a few problems with this pregnancy and has set me back a little, SORRY. So our Rylee girl started preschool on the Aug. 19th with Mrs. Rebeccah. Rylee absolutely loves her! She is the only girl in her class she is having the time of her life..... she is seriously growing up too fast!!! Her teacher Mrs. Rebeccah has her class wear the shirt color they are working on for that day. As you can see today was yellow day. There are not alot of choices for girls in the color yellow, we did our best! Thanks Mrs. Rebeccah for being an awesome teacher and friend!!!

Rylee half smiling, she doesn't do the best in the mornings.

I told her to smile this is what I got! Rylee had to have a backpack like her friend Josh. It is so funny because it is HUGE.