Monday, May 11, 2009

Yes, we are alive!

So here we are alive and enjoying life! Here is a few pics of some of the things we have been
doing in our little family. And just to let you all know we are all moved in and have be having fun
being so close to Ryan's parents! We sure hope things keep going in the right direction for us! Thanks to everyone who has helped us out so much! We love all of our Family and friends so much!!!
Rylee trying to makeup on, oh soooo cute!

Our sweet Baby Ridge! (Almost 4 months)
Rylee and Crew on a really BIG back hoe.

Crew LOVES bats, I think he will love playing ball
like his Daddy!

Crew took a nice spill in the walker the other day.
Here he is after we got him out.
Poor little dude!

Our little Family in March.
Ridge's Blessing day.
Rylee in her dance costume.
It was her 1st year of dance and she
did awesome. We are so proud of her, she
is growing up way to fast!