Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here we are alive and doing well! Alot has gone on this last weekend in the Mortensen Family. On Sunday Travis & Brooke Blessed Baby Carson. We took some family snapshots and everyone was there except Cody and Bradley they are serving their Missions. We sure miss them alot! Monday night on my side of the family we went to Tempe Marketplace they have fake snow for all the kids to enjoy. They sure had alot of fun playing and dancing on a big stage. After playing in the snow we ate at this place called Slices they have HUGE pizza slices and it was really good! Rylee had been bugging us all night to go and look at Christmas lights so we decided to go check some out. It really doesn't matter how crappy you feel like when you are prego like me, when you see all the lights and all the fun family time you get to spend together you can't help but to be HAPPY! We LOVE this time of year, spending time with Family & Friends! We hope all are doing well and have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!!!

Rylee had a fun time looking at Christmas lights last night for FHE.
(she loves santa!)

Rylee, Crew & Daddy!

At Tempe Marketplace they have snow every night at 7pm for the kids.
Rylee LOVED it!

Here is Crew wondering what is going on and Rylee enjoying
every minute of it!

Rylee was dancing on the stage having a blast!


Mike and Brooke said...

soooo cute! I'm glad you updated! Rylee looks so cute in that pic where she's trying to catch the snow, that's so precious! I had fun looking at lights with you guys and going to tempe! I love our Fam!

Mike & Jayne said...

Tisha, you look great. I can't believe you are having your 3 child. Time is going by so quick. I am so glad I found you through Devon and Fawns blog. This is Jayne. My mom is Helen Seaman. My sister Sandra makes all the really cute jewelry. Hopefully you remeber me now:) I have 2 kids and we are living in Lawrence Kansas. Send me your email and I will invite you into our blog. If you want to:) Here is my email: jayneallbee@hotmail.com. I love blogs. It is so nice to find and catch up with good friends like you. Hope you keep feeling well in this last little bit of prego.

The Montgomerys said...

You look great prego! Your kids are so cute. We need to get together and do some thing!! Let me know!
Jessica Montgomery

Bekah Parker said...

Oh my gosh Crew is so big! I forgot that you were pregnant with him awhile ago but I swear the last picture I saw of him, he had no hair. Wow, and so cute!

Kerrie said...

Tambien on the update comment! :) Rylee loos so, so cute in those pictures! She looks like she's having a lot of fun. You look really good in the pic of the fam too! You hottie you!!!!